David Teague spoke to the media following Carlton's clash with Geelong on Saturday afternoon.

Here is what Teague covered in the post-match press conference:

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AFL R17 | Teague post-match

David Teague spoke with the media following the Round 17 clash with Geelong

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Teague on scoring inaccuracy:

Some of them were shot quality, but it was just making the most of your opportunities. I think last week at one stage we were 10.3, so we can do it but we didn’t do it today. There seems to be a bit of a trend for us that if we start missing early, whether the next guy feels the weight or the pressure of it and we’ve got to get better, you don’t win games kicking a goal like that. In the end we had one less shot than them, but the supply-demand, they just had too much.

It’s really about players having a routine and taking out what’s happened in the past, the key to good goal-kicking is staying in the moment and just sticking to your routine and going through that. I know the guys will train it and it’s definitely something that particularly from an individual point of view they need to address, it’s hard to replicate that pressure at training. So it’s probably more psychologically that they need to prepare themselves, come up with a really strong routine that they’re confident with and sticking to it. 

Teague on defensive shift:

It hasn’t been a big shift in our defence other than our ability to get the eighteen players on the field to all buy into it at the same time. We’ve been quite good in terms of the aerial contest stuff early, but we probably relied too heavily, we had too many one-on-ones behind the ball and we didn’t trust our system to step off at the right time. But I think that there’s a real connection in the group in our defence and a trust is growing and giving more confidence to step off, to execute team defence more than relying on individuals having to win contests.

Teague on turnovers:

We wanted to go quick with the ball, we wanted to get it into our forwards one-on-one and we thought our forwards would be able to get shots on goal and we did, when we got it inside 50 we got shots on goal. But it was a couple decision-making, a couple of execution, a couple that were wrong, they just hit it a bit skinny and didn’t get it through the air. We probably bit a little bit off in these conditions early, I thought we adjusted better, it was more the turnovers early that really hurt us and I think those first two goals game directly off our kicks back through the corridor. I thought after quarter time we probably got held a bit too slow down the line, but that was probably off the back of burning a couple through the middle early so we’ve still got to find that balance. I thought late in the game when we got it out to that open side a little bit quicker we looked more dangerous, having said that Geelong are a very good defensive team and they slowed us down really well.

Teague on Liam Stocker: 

He’s a competitor, he competes, he understands his role, he’s worked on the craft elements to execute his role and often when you’re down there it’s a concentration thing and he’s very determined in getting his job done. I think he’s connecting and this is where I think the players around him and playing a system and connecting together, I think that Plowman, Weitering, Jones in the past, Zaccy Williams and Adam Saad are starting to play a little bit more footy together – Newman as well. So they’re starting to play a little bit more footy together, we’ve changed a little bit throughout the year but he’s playing his role and his teammates are trusting him to come and support him and his teammates are coming to support him when he needs it as well.