CARLTON Director of High Performance Andrew Russell has provided an update on 13 injured Blues.

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Injury Update | Round 20

Director of High Performance, Andrew Russell, provides an update on Carlton's AFL injury list prior to Round 20.

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Zac Williams — hamstring

"Zac Williams injured his hamstring on the weekend, just before half time. It’s a pretty low-grade hamstring and we expect him to miss two or three games, so we’re a good chance to see him right at the back-end of the season again."

Eddie Betts — ankle

"Eddie’s ankle, he was sore initially but actually settled down pretty well. He was a bit restricted during the game but has pulled up pretty sore and swollen. We certainly won’t see Eddie for the next week or two."

Harry McKay — toe

"Harry injured that toe versus Collingwood and was a bit slower than what we thought last week. It’s starting to settle down now and he’s an outside chance to be playing this weekend."

Marc Murphy — calf

"‘Murph’ pulled up really well. He covered a lot of ground and he has pulled up well. He’ll be ready to go again this week."

Will Setterfield — groin

"Setterfield has had some low-grade groin soreness over the last week so we’ve pulled him back. At this stage we’re a bit uncertain about how long that’s going to take to settle: he certainly won’t play this week and we’ll assess it over the next couple of weeks."

Josh Honey — knee

"Josh Honey got a knock to his knee last week: he almost got up to play but not quite. It has settled down well, we expect him to train Wednesday and we expect him to be playing footy this week."

Levi Casboult — knee

'Levi has got some bone bruising in his knee. He started back running today. He won’t be playing football this week and we’ll assess to see whether he’s a chance over the next couple of weeks when he progresses back into skills at the back-end of this week and early next week."

Charlie Curnow — knee

"Charlie played his second game. He had an increase in game minutes and we were pleased with the way he moved and more pleased with the way he has pulled up: his knee is great. He’s progressing really, really well."

Sam Docherty — ankle

"Docherty had that sydnesmosis surgery: they’re usually an 8-10 week back to game play injury and he’s on track for that. Given the timeframe, he won’t play again in the home-and-away season."

Marc Pittonet — ankle

"He’s ahead of Docherty. He’ll get back running later this week and he’s some chance to be available for the last game or two of the season: we’ll see how we goes when we put a load back into it."

Michael Gibbons — hamstring

"We won’t see him again this year. Those hamstrings when you have surgery - which we did - are a 10-12 week injury. He’s in recovery mode at the moment."

Mitch McGovern — hamstring

"‘Gov’ has had a really good block in the last month. We’re really pleased that we’re going to see him playing some footy this week."

Jordan Boyd — knee

"Boyd’s knee is starting to settle down after he wrapped it around the goal post quite a few weeks ago now. He’ll start doing some ball work this week and progress: we may see him in the next week or two."




Eddie Betts Ankle Expected to miss 1-2 weeks. Update: 26 July
Jordan Boyd Knee "We won't see him for at least a month." Update: 6 July
Levi Casboult Knee Returned to running. Unavailable this weekend. Update: 26 July
David Cuningham Knee Out for remainder of season.
Charlie Curnow Knee Increased his minutes in reserves scratch match on weekend. Update: 26 July
Sam Docherty Ankle "He won't play again in the home-and-away season." Update: 26 July
Michael Gibbons Hamstring Out for remainder of season. Update: 26 July
Josh Honey Knee Missed last weekend: expected to be available this week. Update: 26 July
Caleb Marchbank Knee Out for remainder of season.
Oscar McDonald Back  "We think he needs a couple of weeks of full training to get back to playing but it’s looking like we’ll see him again this year, which is really exciting." Update: 20 July
Mitch McGovern Hamstring Returning to action this weekend. Update: 26 July
Harry McKay Toe An outside chance to play this weekend. Update: 26 July
Alex Mirkov Knee "We're getting him in shape to play: whether he plays this year remains to be seen." Update: 13 July
Sam Philp Groin Out for remainder of season.
Marc Pittonet Ankle Returning to running this week: chance to return in final weeks of season. Update: 26 July
Will Setterfield Groin Experiencing low-grade groin soreness. Unavailable this weekend. Update: 26 July
Zac Williams Hamstring Low-grade hamstring. Expected to miss 2-3 weeks. Update: 26 July