PAST players, staff and administrators have offered their condolences and tributes to the late John Elliott, who passed away yesterday at age 79.

The longest-serving President of the Carlton Football Club, it didn't take long for Blues of years gone by to comment on one of the biggest figures in the history of the football club.

This is what they had to say.

Luke Sayers
via Twitter and LinkedIn.

“John Elliott led the Carlton Football Club for almost two decades and through an extremely successful era. 

“Whilst much has been said and written about the end of John’s Presidency, [this] is a time to remember the many achievements during his time at the club. 

“The return of Walls and Parkin, and the premierships they subsequently won; the recruitment of Kernahan and Bradley and Williams; the pride in the jumper and the love of Princes Park.

“John remained a passionate Carlton man, right throughout his life. He never stopped wanting to see the Old Dark Navy Blues succeed. Vale Jack.”

David Parkin
via ABC Radio, Friday 24 September.

“Selfishly, in the time that I was at the Carlton Football Club, I’d have to say that John was the best lieutenant that anybody could ever have. 

“I had the privilege of working with him when he was the President as the coach of Carlton for a period of time. I’d have to say that he was one of the more intelligent people that I’ve met in my lifetime. He wasn’t easy to work with, unless you could provide the argument on a sound basis to match the things that he was saying.

“He divided the community and did things in a way that few others did, I guess because of his autocratic nature. Once John said and believed, you did too. 

“He was a unique person… Like a lot of people today, I’m very, very sad to hear that he’s passed.”

Anthony Koutoufides
via Instagram.

“People who know me understand the love I had for him. To me, he was the greatest President ever at the Carlton Football Club: he made it a joy to turn up every day and represent the Club.

“John built a family environment and a culture of success that players, staff and supporters will never forget.

“My sincere condolences to the entire family. RIP ‘Big Jack’: I will never forget you and can’t thank you enough for everything.”

Brendan Fevola
via Twitter.

“RIP John. A great Carlton man with blue running through his veins.

“I’ll never forget the day he said after one of my first wins, ‘Fevola, we’re going to the Social Club to sing the song with the fans’. He was up on the tables, chanting ‘We are the Navy Blues’.

“Condolences to the family.”

Stephen Kernahan

“I’m truly in shock. I knew John was battling with his health, but I thought the great man would live forever.

“He was a loved man and he was very good to Carlton people. He may have polarised a few, but whatever people thought of him there was no doubting his love for the Carlton Football Club.”

Kevin Hall

“He loved Carlton. He was passionate about Carlton. On match days he carried his footy record and he’d jot down the Carlton goal scorers. He was very special for the football club.

“He was seriously gung-ho, he didn’t take anything for granted and he always fought like hell. When you talked to him he used to say how good a footballer he was at Carey, and although I never saw him play I know he would have given his all like John Nicholls, Stephen Kernahan and Michael Voss.

“He was a clever fellow, but he never thought he’d ever get beaten on any issue.”

Mike Fitzpatrick
via The Age.

“Big Jack Elliott was a talented, tough and inspirational Australian businessman who established an international beer conglomerate. 

“He was active in the Liberal party, and was a long time President of Carlton, presiding over two flags. He dominated the Club for some 20 years.”

Carlton fans and the wider community have also paid their respects to Elliott, which can be viewed here. We encourage everyone to join the conversation and pass on their condolences and best memories of 'Big Jack', using the hashtag #valejohnelliott on Twitter.