“IT sums up his season to date at AFL level.”

Carlton desperately needed a breakthrough when it trailed the Brisbane Lions by 37 points in the second term.

A true Michael Gibbons snap got the Blues on the board, but it was the triple-effort assist from Jack Silvagni which was just as crucial.

As development coach Jason Davenport outlined on this week’s Carlton Coaches’ Corner, it was an embodiment of Silvagni’s 2019.

“We celebrate ‘Gibbo’ kicking that goal, but the reality I that the passage of play is all about Jack and what he brought for us,” Davenport said.

“The ability to hunt and stay over the ball while keeping his feet allows us to get an opportunity on goal.

“His ability to drive and provide his teammates clean opportunities through his ability to put pressure and win the ball at ground level has been really valuable.”

It may not reflect on the stats sheet, but Silvagni has been a workhorse with his repeat efforts in the forward line this season.

Since his return to the line-up, he has averaged 15 pressure acts per game along with four score involvements.

Davenport said Silvagni had combined his natural football nous with an ability to harass and harry the opposition’s defence.

“He’s not always going to get clean looks or clean snaps himself,” he said.

“Jack never seems rushed when he has the ball in his hands: I think that comes down to his IQ with ball-in-hand.

“He has an awareness around him to know what’s coming and what the game is going to present before he even gets the ball.”

A calf injury delayed Silvagni’s start to the year, which he spent honing his craft for the Northern Blues.

Featuring on-ball as a big-bodied inside midfielder, Davenport said Silvagni’s versatility would continue to be explored at senior level.

“Jack’s biggest strength may also be his biggest weakness, in terms of his footy IQ and flexibility as a player,” he said.

“He had to wait for a spot to open up and he’s grabbed it with both hands.

“His size is quite unique — he’s more of a hybrid forward. Up forward, he’s using his strength to keep the ball in front.”