THE INAUGURAL class of the Carlton College of Sport have now graduated, with four diligent students now working in roles at the Carlton Football Club. 

Here's an update on how Rose, Chloe, Teagan and Okan are going. 

Why did you choose to study at the Carlton College of Sport?

Rose: I wanted to see how an elite sporting environment worked, specifically an AFL environment. I thought that meeting professionals in the industry would provide good connections for future career opportunities.

Chloe: I chose to study at the Carlton College of Sport because I have always loved going to and watching the footy, so the opportunity to complete placement and a diploma within the Carlton Football Club was an exciting prospect for me.

Teagan: I always had an interest in sport and the business side of sport. The Carlton College of Sport seemed like the perfect opportunity to use those both together within the AFL.

Okan: I chose to study at Carlton College of Sport because I was looking at entering the sporting industry and develop as a coach: I saw the College as an ideal pathway.

What were you doing before you undertook the course?

Rose: Studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications.

Chloe: Before the course, I was in my first year out of Year 12 and in my first year of my commerce degree. Coming out of Year 12 to being at university was a massive change as I was uncertain of the specific direction to take for my future.

Teagan: I was working part-time and I wasn’t really sure what sort of career path I wanted to take.

Okan: I had studied previously, however I had put my studies on hold to work full-time with Telstra.

What was the best part/s of the course?

Rose: The best part of the course was definitely the placement. You got to see first-hand how each department functioned on a day-to-day basis or on a gameday. The staff make you feel really welcome and are always willing to share their knowledge with you.

Chloe: The best part about the course was definitely the placement opportunities: being able to work in a variety of positions all around the Club to decipher what you find interesting and get that hands-on application was incredible. Coming to study at Carlton was always so unique and surreal, just to be a part of the environment and making connections with those in the course and those around the Club was amazing.

Teagan: Both the placement opportunities and the relationships/connections you get to make within the course and the Club.

Okan: Securing a diploma in Sports Coaching and Development gave me the credentials in order to further continue my coaching career. With the added placement opportunities provided, I had been able to immerse myself completely within an elite sporting environment to better understand what it takes at this level.

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What are you most excited about having just started your role at the Carlton Football Club?

Rose: Working for the football club I support in an area that I have a great passion for is definitely what I am most excited about. There are so many things to learn in my area and I cannot wait for the footy season to start.

Chloe: I'm really excited to develop my skills through working and learning at Carlton: as a Carlton supporter, being in this environment is such an amazing experience. Having completed the Carlton College of Sport diploma last year, being in the Course Coordinator role is really exciting because it is something I am really passionate about and I am excited to experience the course from a different position.

Teagan: I am excited to start my first full-time job in such an exciting team - being in both the Events and Partnerships teams - and working in such an incredible environment with such lovely people.

Okan: I’m excited to be able to say I’ve found the crossroad between my passion and a career. I’m eager to learn from the best in the industry and ultimately grow through the experiences of it all.

Any advice for someone thinking about studying at the Carlton College of Sport in 2020?

Rose: If you are not sure what you want to do career-wise, definitely study at Carlton College of Sport. You will get exposure to a whole range of different areas and careers that you might not have ever thought about and you get to experience them at an elite level.

Chloe: Doing this course was the best decision I could have made. I have genuinely developed so many different skills and gained real-life experience. This course has helped with my motivation and provided a direction and pathway for my future.

Teagan: Make sure to take as many placement opportunities as you can, it doesn’t matter what placement it is. The more you get to experience the different aspects of the Club, the better. However, also make sure you put as much effort into your coursework as that can help.

Okan: If you’re looking for a pathway to gain invaluable knowledge, experience and a vast network within the sporting industry, the Carlton College of Sport is ideal. Commitment and hard work go a long way in this industry, and it pays off in the end.