DOWNTIME is something that has been quite unfamiliar for Jess Hosking over the last few years.

Balancing work, footy, volunteering and even a couple of games of netball on the weekend, the 24-year-old has become very much accustomed to her non-stop lifestyle.

“I’ve actually had a bit more downtime,” Hosking said.

“We’re so go, go, go in the season and going from full-time work straight into training afterwards.

“It actually kind of feels relaxing to have had a little bit more downtime and a bit more wind down time to get the body right.”

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Jess enjoyed the Best and Fairest from where?

Jess Hosking explains why she was in a Coles carpark during the 2020 AFLW Carlton Best and Fairest.

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While others may be struggling with all the additional time on their hands amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Hosking has somewhat welcomed the slower pace, able to explore other passions in life.

A quick flick through her Instagram story is enough to leave anyone hungry.

Chocolate mousse-filled Easter eggs, decadent pancakes and homemade pasta and sauce have been just a few things on the menu in the Hosking household, with twin sister Sarah and fellow teammate and roommate Brooke Walker benefitting from Jess’ ‘downtime’.

“I’ve ridiculously gone into cooking,” she said.

“It’s kind of always been a hobby of mine, but I’ve kind of gone into overdrive pretending I’m on Masterchef or something.

“[Sarah] is pretty lucky, she’s getting a home-cooked meal every night.”

The household has also been a great source of joy for Jess and, despite the odd midnight run-in with Sarah’s laundry basket, it has made the time in isolation much easier.

“It gets entertaining at times,” she said.

“We all at least have someone to go down to the park with and kick the footy.

“We’re all pretty fortunate in the fact that we’re all still working or have been able to maintain work across the whole time.

“We’re in a pretty lucky situation.”

Work has been the other constant keeping her busy during her time away from footy.

Joint major partner of both the AFLW program and the Carlton Respects program, MC Labour provided a number of opportunities for the players to get out and work – an opportunity that Jess jumped at.

 “They’ve been unreal,” she said.

“I know the guys and girls from being our sponsors and coming over on our away trips, but it’s good to get to know everyone else in the business and the working side of MC Labour.

“If I didn’t have that, I think I would have watched every Netflix show that they’ve got.

“I can’t thank them enough and the process has been unreal. It’s kind of kept me afloat with mortgage and everything else as well, so very lucky.”

Like many, Hosking is looking forward to the time in the near future where she will be able to catch-up with her teammates instead of through the small squares of the Zoom grid.

Given the abrupt end to the season, it’s arguably a sense of closure that Jess and the rest of the teammates are seeking.

The chance to look back on a season full of positivity, reflect on all of the highs and be able to officially end the chapter on AFLW 4.0 is one she’s ready to jump at.

“Getting back together with the team and the staff and just the Club in general,” she said.

“I’ve massively missed it.

“It’ll be good once it’s all over to see each other and, I guess, finish off our season together.

“There will be some sort of catch-up to run through what happened in the season and how it finished.

“It’ll be nice to catch up.”