The Behind the Game Changers podcast is back for a second season!

This year its host versus host with four new Game Changers joining the ranks: Jess Hosking is pairing up with Brooke Walker and Darcy Vescio will host along side new Blue Elise O'Dea. Tune in each week to see what each group has to offer and meet some more of our Game Changers in 2021! 

Darcy Vescio and Elise O’Dea were first up in the hosting chair for the first episode of the new season. Here’s what went down:

Episode guide:

1:00: New year, new format: Darce introduces the new set up of the podcast and Elise discusses her headspace as a new blue.
4:15: It was recharge and re-focus for our hosts as they give a recap of the Christmas Break.
7:38: With the season opener just two weeks away, Darcy and Elise review the preseason and discuss whose been tearing up the track.
12:12: Introducing: ‘Hanger' and 'Clanger' of the week! The best moments and the moments you would rather forget from the week gone by, this week featuring a near-miss New Year's Eve and a real dad moment.
20:00: Got a question for our hosts? Head over to @carltonfc_w for the chance to have your question answered on next week's episode. 
22:15: Vegetarians turn off now: An in depth conversation about chicken sandwiches in Melbourne, where to get them and why they’re so damn good.